Kozmino Oil Port Conducts Firefighting and Tactical Drill

Date of publication: 06 October 2021

Transneft Kozmino Port has conducted firefighting and tactical drill at the tank farm.

More than 50 people were involved in the drill, including specialists from the company, fire station (FS) No. 91, which ensures the safety of the oil port's operating facilities, as well as from the fire and rescue squad of the Federal Fire Service of the Main Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in Primorye Territory.

According to the drill scenario, a simulated fire occurred in a floating roof tank as a result of a lightning strike, the automatic subsurface firefighting system did not work, and the water-cooling system of the tanks was operating under the standard protocol.

The FS firefighting crews arrived at the simulated emergency site within 4 minutes. The personnel deployed equipment and ensured an uninterrupted supply of extinguishing agents to the area of the "fire". The drill was complicated by additional tasks. Due to the simulated collapse of the underground pipeline with the foaming agent, the supply of extinguishing agents to the tank was organised in a different way: over 50 m of fire hoses were laid by the personnel. A foam tower with an outreach of up to 37 m was used for prompt containment of the fire source.

The simulated oil ignition was eliminated within the regulatory time limits. The firefighting and tactical drill was coordinated by an emergency operations centre.

Igor Tolchenitsyn, Head of the Federal State-Financed Institution (FSFI) Federal Fire Fighting Service (FFFS) Initial Pumping Station (IPS) Team No. 27 in Primorye Territory (contractual), said: "Today, once again the techniques and methods of extinguishing a fire at the operating facility in Kozmino have been successfully practised. We carry out similar drills with port staff and fire teams on a regular basis, and the level of training of employees improves every year.

The management of FSFI FFFS IPS Team No. 27 in Primorye Territory (contractual) and Transneft Kozmino Port positively assessed the results of the drill.

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