Transneft Kozmino Port Sums up Results of Corporate Winter Sports Festival

Date of publication: 23 January 2019 Print

The first stage of the 4th winter Sports Festival of Transneft subsidiaries has been held at Transneft Kozmino Port.

On 19 and 20 January 2019, 62 employees of the Company competed in ski racing, snowboarding and downhill slalom skiing.
After the event, the winners were awarded medals, diplomas and cups.
The oil port’s employees who showed the best results will represent the Company among Transneft subsidiaries of the Russian Far East at the second stage of the Sports Festival, which will be held in Baykalsk in February.
The purpose of winter and summer sports festivals is to promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyle among Transneft’s employees.

Competition results:


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Mountain skiing (slalom), 1st age group, women

Garayeva Aleksandra



Mountain skiing (slalom), 1st age group, men

Kornev Yevgeny

Baturin Denis

Nikitin Nikita

Mountain skiing (slalom), 2nd age group, women

Kuznetsova Yevgeniya

Filatova Olga

Vasilenko Lyudmila

Mountain skiing (slalom), 2nd age group, men

Kuznetsov Vyacheslav

Filonenko Andrey

Petrashenko Roman

Snowboarding, men

Vasilenko Anton

Grishko Yevgeny

Gavrilov Yevgeny

Ski racing, 1st age group, women

Gerasimova Anastasiya

Bulatova Yekaterina

Borisyuk Alena

Ski racing, 1st age group, men

Golovkov Yegor

Dyachenko Boris

Petrov Roman

Ski racing, 2nd age group, women

Dubinina Tatyana

Kravtsova Tatyana

Tyuleneva Yelena

Ski racing, 2nd age group, men

Bagdasaryan Yevgeny

Zakomorny Vitaly

Mozgovoi Aleksandr

Ski racing (mixed relay), women, men

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