Transneft — Kozmino Port Held an Integrated Emergency Response Drill

Date of publication: 09 February 2018 Print

An integrated emergency response drill (IERD) was held at the oil acceptance site of Transneft — Kozmino Port. The main objective was to practice joint activities between the Company units responsible for safe operation of the oil pipeline as well as to verify the operating condition and readiness of the equipment and vehicles engaged in a response.

According to the drill scenario, a simulated “oil leakage” was detected in the dyking due to a damaged gasket in a 5,000 m3 tank. The IERD participants had to contain and eliminate the stimulated spill.

The site staff was evacuated from the potential emergency area after being notified via the public announcement system. The oil transfer to the damaged tank via the pipeline was conventionally stopped, under the main dispatcher’s signal. A combat crew of fire station PCh-91 immediately moved out to the conventional accident site and deployed the fire-extinguishing equipment.

Professionals of emergency recovery, restoration and repair divisions moved out to contain and eliminate the spill. The emergency repair site staff assembled a temporary pipeline from the dyking of the damaged tank to the drain valve to pump the spilled oil. Ecologists permanently monitored the environment by sampling and analysing ambient air and soil. The staff additionally practiced actions on handling failures of power generating and automatic equipment.

The causes and the effects of the ‘leakage’ were eliminated in the prescribed timeframe.

The IERD brought together 80 persons: employees of emergency repair divisions, sections and units, the fire station, the outsourced emergency rescue team of Transneft — Kozmino Port and the emergency rescue team of Transneft Service. Ten special vehicles were used: a truck-mounted crane, firewater tanks, a dump truck, a manipulator, a portable pump unit, and a steam unit.

The drill confirmed that the divisions and units of the oil port of Kozmino and the professional emergency rescue team of Transneft Service were prepared to promptly start eliminating an emergency oil spill and had properly working equipment required for that purpose at its disposal.

Members of the regulatory bodies — Municipal Budgetary Institution of Primorsky Region for Fire Safety, Civil Defence Affairs, Protection of Population and Territories against Emergencies and the administration of the Partizansk municipal district — highly estimated the drill.

Transneft — Kozmino Port annually holds the IERD at its production sites. More than 150 drills to eliminate potential accidents and incidents requiring emergency response and corrective actions are scheduled for 2018.

Press Service of Transneft – Kozmino Port