Kozmino Oil Port Starts Construction of Maintenance Site for Mariculture Site

Date of publication: 08 October 2021

Transneft Kozmino Port has started construction of an auxiliary site for servicing mariculture site.

The auxiliary site will allow the company's ecologists to carry out seasonal maintenance of hydrobiont breeding units, as well as collecting and processing samples under the biomonitoring programme.

The goal of the project is to carry out comprehensive monitoring of the marine ecosystem near the oil terminal. Since 2010, Japanese scallop, Pacific mussel, Japan sea tangle and other hydrobionts have been grown at the test farm. They provide port specialists with reliable information on the condition of the water body. This allows to control the impact of operational factors and prevent their impact on the natural environment.

The new modern 600 m2 site will be located on the shore of Kozmino Bay in the immediate vicinity of the mariculture test farm.  It is planned to arrange a slipway for the boat launching on the territory. There will also be a block module for personnel of the hydro-biotechnical facilities maintenance section and a guard post.

The use of the land plot provided to Transneft Kozmino Port for temporary use for test farm maintenance is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation regulating relations in the field of aquaculture (fish farming). The provision of the plot for the above purposes is formalised in accordance with the land legislation of the Russian Federation (Article 39.33 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation).

For the site operation, technological connection to power grids will be carried out, fencing will be made, and sanitary and technical supplies will be provided. All structures will be temporary, without foundations, and no capital construction is envisaged. There is unrestricted access and passage to the shoreline. Improvement of the existing access dirt road to the sea is also scheduled. 

At present, the specialists of Transneft Kozmino Port are carrying out excavation and construction and installation works, special equipment is working on the territory.

Since the port commissioning in 2009, a favourable environmental situation has been maintained in Kozmino Bay. This is confirmed by regular monitoring of all environmental objects, including atmospheric air and water in the water area. In addition, the oil port conducts regular environmental clean-up events on the coast near the terminal and in adjacent areas within the company's area of responsibility. The work is coordinated by the specialists of the environmental safety and rational nature management section of the company.

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