Kozmino Oil Port Wishes Happy Knowledge Day to First Graders

Date of publication: 05 September 2019

Transneft Kozmino Port has wished a happy Knowledge Day to the children studying at the Company-sponsored School No. 18 in Vrangel mircodistrict, and congratulated them on the beginning of the new schoolyear. 

The first graders traditionally received school kits as presents from the Company.

The Principal of School No. 18 Irina Fomina thanked the management of the oil terminal for the years of fruitful cooperation. The Company has been rendering support to the school for years, having sponsored the acquisition of teaching aids and equipment for exact sciences classrooms, computers and furniture, and funded the organisation of scientific tours. Furthermore, School No. 18 and the oil port of Kozmino entered into an agreement in 2016, according to which the teachers get incentive rewards for supplementary teaching services such as optional classes, as well as for participation in off-hour activities.

Transneft Kozmino Port has been cooperating with the educational institution in the field of vocational guidance for three years. The cooperation is aimed at motivating the students to choose education in areas that are relevant to and in demand for in the oil transportation industry. The school has an advisory board, which also has representatives of the Kozmino oil port as its members.

School No. 18 will become the second recipient of targeted aid from Transneft in the Nakhodka municipality. The programme implies renovation of the facility. Design and survey works are currently being carried out. The construction and installation are scheduled for 2020. Nursery school No. 49 in the Pervostroiteley settlement, being the first of the facilities covered by the programme, was commissioned last year after an overhaul.  The works were financed out of Transneft’s charitable funds. The funding exceeded RUB 90 million.

The selection of the charitable aid recipients is determined by their location within the area of operation of Transneft Kozmino Port. The oil port is actively involved in the social and economic development of the town of Nakhodka and the Partizanskiy municipality, and pays much attention to the support of education, healthcare, culture and sports.

Transneft Kozmino Port Press Service