Kozmino Port Receives Positive Score for Technical Condition of Onsite Facilities

Date of publication: 26 July 2019

Two onsite facilities of Transneft Kozmino Port have undergone an evaluation of their technical condition. Based on the results of a comprehensive review of an inspection, safe working period of equipment in operation was extended for the next eight years.    

Together with contractor organisations, the Pipeline Transport Institute and Transneft Diascan, the oil port’s experts took a number of measures to evaluate the technical condition of the oil depot, as well as its onshore and berthing facilities. The objective is to check the port’s facilities for compliance with regulatory requirements for oil storage and transportation.

As part of surveys held at different periods of time at the operating facilities, a tank inspection was conducted. In addition, process and auxiliary pipelines with a total length of 22 km were surveyed at the port’s facilities. Furthermore, the power equipment and the mechanical process equipment of the oil terminal was checked. Specialists completed a full survey of buildings and structures, as well as of the fire protection system.

Based on the surveys’ results, statements were issued on the compliance of the oil depot and the onshore and berthing facilities of the port with the requirements of technical rules and regulations. Safe working periods were extended.

Annual implementation of timely inspection and quality maintenance of the pipeline transportation system provide for equipment failure risk minimisation and higher reliability of Transneft Kozmino Port’s operating facilities.

Transneft Kozmino Port Press Service