Transneft Kozmino Port Arranges Experience-Sharing Meetings for Employees and Tanker Vessels’ Captains And Crewmembers

Date of publication: 20 July 2018 Print

Transneft Kozmino Port has arranged for its employees to meet captains and crewmembers of tanker vessels serviced at the port’s berths for them to share experience in energy saving and energy efficiency.

At the meetings, which were conducted aboard the tanker vessels, the port’s specialists give the vessels’ captains and crews information on corporate energy saving events.

Transneft Kozmino Port is focused on rational use of the fuel and energy resources. The Company has successfully implemented the following technical events in the field: installed LED lamps at premises and operational sites and adopted automatic systems that control the heat supplied to buildings depending on ambient temperature, at its heat supply stations. Using the GLONASS system for vehicles enables a motor fuel economy, plus the Company acquires energy efficient equipment. As a result, Transneft Kozmino Port managed to save RUB 6.1 million from 2015 to 1017.

The listeners highly praised the presented energy saving methods. In particular, Georgios Peramatzis, the captain of the Greek tanker Kythira Warrior, noted that the tanker crew could well adopt many of the energy saving methods, despite them being used in pipeline transportation.

“The port of Kozmino has implemented cutting-edge technical solutions beyond the energy-saving domain that may become an example for foreign ports,” said Konstantin Zaitsev, Chief Engineer at Transneft Kozmino Port. Regarding environmental safety, this is a unit for recovering oil vapours displaced from vessels’ tanks during loading. During loading at the port of Kozmino, a tanker vessel’s crew has to connect an off-gas loading arm to the gas line to avoid oil vapour emission into the atmosphere.

As of now, specialists of the port of Kozmino have visited four tanker vessels – the Kythira Warrior (Greece), the Silver Sun (Liberia), the Brightoil League (Hong Kong) and the Sentosa River (Singapore). The Company will go on with this practice.


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Transneft Kozmino Port is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The oil port is the final destination of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system. Tanker vessels loaded with Russian ESPO grade crude depart from the port’s berths to Asia and the Pacific daily. High crude quality and a short haul distance are attractive for importers and enable them to save serious money. Asia annually sees increasingly higher demand for Russian oil.

Press Service of Transneft – Kozmino Port